Is this another mediocre Mandarin Chinese?

Hopefully, you will say no after you read some of the article on this website. I strive to provide readers with useful and practical tips on Mandarin Chinese learning. Meanwhile I will listen to your feedback and with you we build a better community!

Who am I?

I am an English learner. The more I learn English, the more I know about my native language. Then I came up with this idea: Why not share my knowledge on Mandarin Chinese to learners worldwide? Why not build a better community for sharing? Bingo!

Why this blog is so lame?

As the time of this writing and you are reading, this blog has just started and I am learning WordPress. I am sure it will improve gradually. You should not be surprised if you come back again and see the new design of this site. N.B. It will take a while,be patient! (Although the learning curve of WordPress is not steep but I have to learn HTML+CSS+JavaScript+Python!) If you are a web designer, your feedback or advice is appreciated.

To learn Mandarin Chinese has never been easier!


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